Sinus Penta 4T


5-function, premium drives for:


– AC three-phase induction motors


– AC three-phase synchronous motors


– Fully sinusoidal regenerative AFE from 1.3kW to 900kW


Wide power supply voltage range, 200÷500 Vac
DC power supply range 280÷705 Vdc
Input frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Available in Penta Cabinet solutions up to 2100 kW
Enclosure IP00, IP20, IP54
Full compatibility with the “REMOTE DRIVE” software for remote control


IFD (Inverter Frequency Drive): vector modulation function for general-purpose applications (V/F pattern).
VTC (Vector Torque Control): sensorless vector function for high-torque demanding applications.
FOC (Field Oriented Control): vector function with encoder for high torque precision and wide speed range.
SYN (Synchronous): vector function for brushless synchronous motors with permanent magnets, high torque precision joined to high energy efficiency level.
RGN (Regenerative): sinusoidal power factor cos =1, AC/DC feeder function for direct supply of a series of drives.


Extremely compact dimensions: one of the best current density [A/m3] in the market!
Widest range of STANDARD I/O.
Most encoder input directly to control board, no option board required for FOC control.
Open loop speed precision: ±0.5% of max. speed. Closed loop (with an encoder) speed precision: < 0.01% of max. speed. Intelligent cooling system. Through-Hole mounting, segregation of forced air fl ow channels. Integrated braking chopper up to S30 at 100% nominal current. Programmable logic blocks. Regulation of output frequency from 0 to 1000Hz (depending on models). Lower motor noise with random modulation and carrier frequency up to 16kHz (depending on models). Integrated EMC fi lters on the full range in compliance with EN61800-3 2nd ed. IP54 models available for all the power ranges. Smart Voltage Control now available: innovative algorithm fighting DC voltage increase with no need to use external braking resistors. UL/CSA compliant. UL file number E195081 Safety Built-in STO function, Sil3 and EN ISO 13849-1, PL-d SPECIAL CONFIGURATIONS 12 impulse bridge: starting from the S65 size, it is possible to supply the drive on 12 impulse bridge confi guration. Optional boards for Fieldbus communication, Encoder or Resolver interface, Data loggers, RTC, I/O expansion. Custom execution in box or cabinets with input and/or DC and/or output inductors, circuit breakers, AFE sensors and switch.