Remote Drive & Monitoring


Remote Drive
Communication interface and management software


A programming and diagnostics utility that works Windows, for all Santerno drives.


It offers the following tools:


data reception, transmission and saving, from a PC and onto a PC
keyboard emulator on the machine
parameters’ programming and storing
parameters’ print
graphic display of electric values
data logger
firmware update
Remote service


A simple Internet connection allows Remote Drive to get our engineers onto your plants.
Our drives can be reached all over the world, at the cost of a local telephone call
Accurate and simple diagnostics upon the operating state of our drives
Remote control
Programming assisted by expert personnel
Graphic display of the electric values
In the page called “Connection Selection” (Choose the connection type), the following defi nitions are specified:
– Configuration of the remote connection
– Information data about the user
– Protocol and parameters of the PC serial port