ASAC Soft start/stop static starters for three-phase asynchronous motors


Soft start/stop static starters for three-phase asynchronous motors


Range 7,5kW – 110kW
Power supply voltage range 200 – 575Vac
Internal By-pass Contactor
Input frequency 50 – 60Hz
Full compatibility with teleservice software “REMOTE DRIVE” on internet


ASAC0 is the right solution to save space and keep costs under control. Besides the features of ASAC0, the ASAC1 grants a reliable motor protection and current control.


Compact dimensions
Internal By-pass contactor
400% max allowed overload of the nominal current
IP20 Enclosure (<=ASAC 55kW) 3 Adjustments: Initial start voltage, Start ramp time, Soft stop ramp time 6 Indications: No control power, Starter Ready, Starter tripped, Motor not running, Motor running at full speed, Motor starting/stopping 3 Alarms: Power circuit, Supply frequency Communication 2 digital inputs: Start, Stop 1 Output relay: Main contactor relay Local reset Control power supply: 110-240Vac and 380-440Vac Power supply: 200-440Vac ±10% / 200-575Vac ±10% Input frequency: 50-60Hz ±10% UL/CSA compliant. UL file number E244926 ASAC 1 ADDITIONAL TECHNICAL FEATURES: 8 adjustments: Motor FLC, Current Ramp, Current Limit, Motor Trip Class, Soft Stop Time, Excess Start Time, Phase Sequence Protection, Auxiliary Relay Function 5 additional Alarms: Excess start time, Motor overload, Motor thermistor, Phase imbalance, Phase sequence 1 additional Digital input: Motor thermistor probe 1 additional Output relay: Programmable relay OPTIONS (ASAC 0/ASAC 1): 24Vac/Vdc Control Power Supply Extra-fast fuses RS485 Serial communication port with MODBUS RTU DeviceNet, Profi bus, ASI protocol Remote control panel (RS485 doubler, one 4-20mA output) RS232/485 converter